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Lettering on a new mailbox.

I was a little concerned about it not sticking with the extreme desert heat out here but it looks great.

I've actually used it for several things....mailbox numbers and wording on a cornhole game.
Kim J.

Your product is excellent quality and I am frequently asked where I had it made.

Oversized mailbox

Great customization experience. Fun to do.

New mailbox.
Jim C.

Awesome website allowed me to order specific size (height and width) for my unique mailbox.

Name and address on a mailbox.

Very happy with our purchase and experience.

Roy S.

It was really nice to be able to select exactly the size letters that we needed to custom fit the space

Jim K.

Great customer service! I was not able to add a squeegee on the online order page and the team took care of me!

House number on mailbox.

I used it on my outdoor mailbox, I hope it’s water resistant. Looks really great!

mailbox - address utilizes "1/2" number

Good solution to obtaining the "1/2" number for an address

Home Mailbox

DIY Lettering is awesome! So easy to apply and our mailbox is now the best on the block! Looks great!

Chief H.

Thank you for your assistance in this project.

Home street address numbering on mailbox
Matt G.

The product arrived quickly and well packaged. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand. The material and workmanship was superb and made my mailbox one of the best looking in my neighborhood.


On the website, I was unable to get the exact measurements needed - so I emailed DIY Lettering and they promptly and efficiently assisted me in placing my order, which arrived in perfect condition! excellent customer service !

Reflective mailbox numbering

Decals arrived exactly how they were ordered. Application is a breeze. Longevity remains to be seen of course. I’ve ordered lesser quality vinyl decals from doityourself before, and they have lasted longer than excepted.

Address for new mailbox.
Marilyn T.

Finally stopped raining and we were able to put the lettering on our new mailbox. It was so easy and the lettering is beautiful!! Customer service is superb and when I asked the gentleman if any dummy can do this, his response was yes. Well... he was right. My husband is so proud of me right now! Great company, excellent quality, and easy to install. Definitely recommend!!

Rural Mailbox... Name & Address

Nice product even if a bit pricey for what you get. I did get exactly what I ordered and expected in a timely manner.

Our mailbox. The lettering was perfect!
Greg C.

Looks great, doesn't it?

Replaced mailbox numbers to match neighborhood design.
Bob T.

Will forward ordering info to HOA.

Mailbox address

It's exactly what I wanted. I love that I got to choose my own colors and font style. It arrived quickly and was easy to install when following the enclosed directions.

I replaced my old mailbox and chose use use vinyl lettering instead of having it lettered. Very happy with the results.
Gene H.

The web site was very easy to use and really allowed you to see how the end product would appear. Service was very fast and the lettering was delivered in good condition. I will buy here again.

Mailbox numbers
Mary L.

So easy to use and looks so much better than the big box store numbers

Mailbox label
Steve B.

Doing business with you was a great experience. I’ll will definitely recommend you to others.

Restoring old Rubbermaid Plastic Mailbox
Peter L.

I have designed sign system for large international resorts, hotels, and shopping centers, 27 in all, in Hawaii, Japan and Korea. So I'm familiar with many kinds of sign making techniques. I wanted to create a great first impression for my home but did not want to buy a new mailbox. So I refinished a faded black Rubbermaid mailbox with bronze paint and added deep yellow reflective letters supplied by DIY Lettering. The online, then phone experience was a breeze. The vinyl legends were executed perfectly and since all the materials were fresh they transferred and burnished down effortlessly. My home improvement customers want me to add some zing to their mailboxes and address plaques so I figure I'll become a regular DIY Lettering client. [I have made a video of the process and will edit and post to YouTube in a couple weeks. DIYL gets a clear promo.]

I used the lettering for my new mailbox.

The lettering turned out great and was easy to apply. I will highly recommend this service to anyone who needs some lettering.

The mailbox.

Simple to do, and it looks professional, too.


Perfect for my mailbox.

Mailbox numbers
Alessa C.

The whole process was super simple. Within 24 hours of placing my order o received confirmation that it had not only been processed but shipped as well. Unfortunately after a few weeks of waiting it seemed the package was lost in transit. I contacted DIYLettering and not only did they reproduce my item they sent it overnight! Add on top of that the guarantee of free replacement due to improper install or defect, this is the company you need to do business with!

I created a wooden sign with a friend’s town on it. In the past I used DIYL for mailbox letters and was equally impressed.

I was worried about ordering as late as I did for my project but I was so impressed I had the letters in days. I love that DIYL has so many fonts and colors to choose from. They make the options affordable and quality is too notch!

Made name labels for my new mailbox.
Donald M.

Authoring software on website was easy learn and use. Lots of great fonts and enhancements. Type setting measurements from the software were precisely carried over to the physical lettering artwork. Even the basic first class shipping was prompt. Installation of the vinyl lettering on the mail box went well. I placed masking tape on the mailbox so I could rule pencil boundary lines to align the lettering. Once I had the hinge set up I pulled off the alignment tape. I am glad I bought the sqeegee.

Angela P.

Love the decals for our new mailbox. Needed something simple and easy to see! It turned out great! Thanks!

Nikki M.

I always use DIYLettering for all my vinyl lettering needs. They never disappoint!

Numbers for our new mailbox

We had a new mailbox installed. When our subdivision was built, all of the mailboxes installed had numbers with a nice font and I wanted to match that original style. I was able to use DIY Lettering's online tool to find a font that closely matched the original. Shipping was quick and the numbers were easy to install. I like the result so much that I posted a recommendation for DIY Lettering on our HOA's forum.


I repainted my mailbox and had to replace the numbers. I wasn’t excited about buying the individual numbers and aligning them. This product was amazingly easy and looks great. Highly recommend.