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Big bright numbers for my mailbox. Totally Satisfactory! See photo attached: Please rotate the pic.
A. Hamlin

Numbers went on easily, straight, no bubbles, no sticking to itself. Used masking tape as directed to hold in place. Would do this again. Looks like it will stick forever!

Our mailbox
Anne T.

We had a little bit of trouble getting the letters to stay on the liner as we pulled off the backing, but some delicate xacto work and careful peeling made quick work of it. We’re very happy with the outcome!

Margaret O.

Liked the lettering, instructions were easy to follow and I think we did a fabulous job.

I cleaned and painted the lamp/mailbox post in front of my house. The number on the post and name on both sides of the sign board were purchased from doityourselflettering. The product was easy to apply and the instructions were easy to follow.
Dennis M.

I did the basic design of my lettering with Affinity Designer. Working with one of the people at Do It Yourself Lettering the final product was scaled up to better fit my available space. With just a couple of emails I was able to order exactly what I wanted.

Mailbox numbers
Kristen K.

I appreciated being able to customize the mailbox numbers and see exactly what it was going to look like before I bought them. It made me confident that what I was going to get was going to fit and look terrific -- which it does. They were easy to apply and have held up well this past month.

Address on mailbox. Lettering had to be very specific for HOA.
Ryan E.

Great customer service. Replied quickly to my email.

Side by side mailboxes in two-family home
John H.

Good quality! Followed the instructions shown on the website video and the application went smoothly with no issues.

Ed A.

Small job but fine product

I used your lettering for numbering on my mailbox. The product was easy to apply. I purchased the reflective numbers and it works very well at night. I would definitely purchase again. Thanks!

I used your lettering for numbering on my mailbox. The product was easy to apply. I purchased the reflective numbers and it works very well at night. I would definitely purchase again. Thanks!

Richard W.

Worked well --- no problems.

Mya D.

Very happy with the service and with the product!

Steel Mailbox on street (photo included)
Michael B.

A beautiful result ! I ordered two “address” sheets, one for each side of our mailbox. They went on easily. The application requires patience and following of the instructions included. Worth the time, effort and cost. A truly elegant result, especially with the border outline. Very pleased. Michael

I own a house that has a cottage out back which I rent to a tenant. So I have two mailboxes. They were old and rusty. And, the mailman was always getting confused as to which mail went in which box. The different house numbers were inside the mailbox flap. First, I sanded, primed and painted the mailboxes. Then I ordered lettering from DIY lettering. Here's the finished product.
2705 J.

The lettering arrived on time and was in perfect condition. The instructions that accompanied the lettering was easy to understand. Took no time to complete the project! So far, it seems the lettering is impervious to the weather. I would definitely use this product again!


Great service and product. Easy to install.

House numbers

This is my second time ordering. The first was for our mailbox. The letters came out perfect and several neighbors asked if I had it professionally numbered! This order was for our trash receptacles. We live in a cluster home development with a shared driveway. Unless marked they all look the same when empty. Great product, great service. I would recommend "Do it Your Self Lettering" to anyone!

Mailbox address
Bob & Patti

The numbers for our mailbox turned out perfect - which is good because I did the layout using your online tools. The quality is superb and the gold border of the numbers looks great. We especially liked the option of adding stock symbols (diamonds) to give it a little character.

My mailbox
Ariel. M.

Great product - excellent supporting instructions. The customer rep was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Mailbox update

I ordered numbers to update my old mailbox. A fresh coat of paint and perfectly scaled numbers make this old thing look new again.

Our mailbox
James P.

Absolutely thrilled with this lettering, looks to be durable quality and finishes great. Thanks for helping us make the neighbors jealous

I used the numbers and lettering for my street address on a new mailbox.

Was so simple to use and apply without any worries of getting it crooked. The system is quite clever on how it is applied. They do all the work for you and all you have to do is press it down using excellent directions online and included with product. Also the Fabrication and shipping was really fast. The whole process only took three or four days.

B March

Once again, you came through with good timing, easy application and a professional product. I love it!

For our new mailbox.

Great product! Very reasonable pricing and excellent turnaround! The application process was relatively easy if you follow the instructions. We're extremely happy with the results!

Tim J.

The lettering was packaged well and the application was easy. Thanks for providing such great quality and service.

My mailbox for a hard to find address, so visibility and readability was very important. I paid extra for the nighttime reflective material which was important for visitors at night.

I was very pleased with the technical help when I called the company number. The representative walked me thru the design process and made some very useful suggestions and helped me finalize the design. Then they mailed the finished product to me promptly. I highly recommend them for a quality product.

Custom mailbox project

We had used DIY lettering for a previous mailbox project but I was concerned that when we updated our logo to a much more intricate design, that we'd have a hard time, particularly with the transfer. It actually worked perfectly - even with very thin lines in the design - thanks for a great product - will definitely continue to use for future projects!

mailbox numbers
A. Smith

I uploaded my own artwork, got an immediate quote, placed my order, received it a week later, and followed the included directions to apply the numbers to my mailbox. The process was easy, and the end result looks great. Thank you.

mailbox address numbers

Fabulous customer service!

Kathleen & David F.

We used DIY reflective lettering for our mailbox and we love it. It is unique and shows up well at night, so our home is easy to find. Thank you for making a great product!


Great quality, website, customer service, and value! Very happy with finished result!

mailbox numbers

Customer service was above and beyond. Very satisfied. Thank you!

A mailbox refurbishing.

I repainted my mailbox and needed numbers on both sides. Because I live in an area where all the mailboxes are pretty much the same, I needed the right font and sizing. With all the font options, I got very very close. In fact, I cannot tell a difference from a distance. Also, I needed the background to be the right color of green. That was off some. Looked ok online (dark green) but it was not as dark as it appeared; however, again, from a distance one cannot really see that the background of the numbers appear more “Kelly” green than the dark green I thought it would be. So, I completed the project with 2 cans of spray paint (I also painted the post, along with the mailbox) and the DIY numbers for less than $20 total. Very happy. Oh, and the numbers really were easy to place.

I used DIY lettering for my mailbox.
Joe C.

This was my second time purchasing custom DIY lettering for my mailbox. It is very easy to order, the lettering is precise. The mounting instructions are easy to follow. I will always go back to DIY lettering for my custom lettering needs.


Have used DIY in the past for mailbox and the lettering lasts longer than the mailbox! Good quality vinyl