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  • Text & Size

    Enter your text and the size you'd like your lettering to be. Avoid extra spaces at the beginning and end of each line to keep the lettering centered. If you don't want the text centered, you can change that on the Font Settings tab.

  • Enter Text

    Type the text of what you would like the decal to say.

  • Preview Background

    Change the background color for the on-screen preview only. The checkered background shown on the screen represents where the vinyl background is cut out and removed. All the letters will come pre-spaced on a sheet to install as one application. Then after removing the transfer tape, just the individual letters will be left on the surface.

    If you would like a solid background color on the lettering you can select this on the Purchase tab.

  • Capital Letter Height

    This is the average size of just the capital letters in the design. If you have a lower case letter with a descender sticking down below the capital letter or if you have multiple lines of text, the total overall height the design will be larger than the Capital letter.

  • Total Size

    This is the overall dimensions of the entire design.

  • Maintain Proportions

    When you change the Capital Letter Height, Total Height, or Total Width, the others will change to display the correct proportion for the font style that is selected. Uncheck this option to change the height or width without altering the other. Then the letters will stretch or shrink, and the preview will show how the lettering will look.

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  • Pick a Font

    All the font styles are shown with the font names by default. If you would like to preview the font styles with your text, click the "Compare Fonts With Your Own Text" button. Then you'll be able to select as many fonts as you'd like to compare next to each other.

  • Font Categories

    Choose from the list to preview all the font styles in a category. If you'd like to see all the fonts available, select "All Fonts."

  • Your Font Selection List

    Once you've selected fonts to compare, use the "Compare List" button to preview all of the fonts on your list. You can also click on a font on this list to use it for your design.

  • Preview Size

    When comparing font styles with your text, the letters can be displayed very small if there are a lot of letters in the design. Use this option to limit the previews on this page to just he first ten letters and show the fonts bigger.

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  • Font Settings

    Set the color of your lettering on this tab. You can also make the lettering bold or italic or change the font style.

  • Font Name

    You can change the font from the drop-down list. You can also add bold or italic styles to the letters.

  • Lettering Color

    Change the color of the lettering by clicking on one of the colored squares. The on-screen preview will show the lettering in the color you select. If the checkered background is the same color as the lettering you are choosing, click on the Text & Size tab and change the preview background color.

    Click on Enlarge Samples to view the standard colors available in a larger size on the page. *Each screen can display the colors a little differently, and the color shown may not be slightly different than the vinyl lettering color.

  • Multiple Line Alignment

    • Multiple lines of lettering are centered by default.
    • Left Align: Align each line to the left hand side.
    • Center: Align each line to the center.
    • Right Align: Align each line to the right hand side.
    • Word Justify: Spaced between each word and flush left and right.
    • Letter Justify: Spaced between each letter and flush left and right.
    • Stretch Justify: Each letter stretched to fit and flush left and right.
  • Character Spacing

    Change the amount of space between each letter.

  • Same Letter Height

    This forces every character to be the same height. Lower case letters become stretched to the same height as capital letters. Capital letter height is not available with this option.

  • Vertical Text

    Changes the lettering to display vertically. After selecting this option, go to the Text & Size tab and set the total height and width. Capital letter height is not available with this option.

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  • Border/Shadow

    Add an outline border or shadow to the lettering.

  • Borders

    Select the Show Border option to add an outline border around each letter. You can make the border thicker or thinner by using the - or + buttons or typing a new number in the box. Remove the border by un-checking the Show Border box.

    The Preview Preset Options can be used to preview the border in 6 different thicknesses at the same time. Just click on the preview that you like to select that thickness.

    Change the border color by clicking on the colored squares on the left side of the screen. The name of the font with be displayed.

  • Shadows

    Add a shadow by selecting a shadow option.

    • No
    • {{shadow.label}}

    The slant and deep shadows do not work very well with small lettering less than around 1 inch.

  • Adjust Drop Shadow Offset

    For drop shadows only, increase the vertical or horizontal amounts to move the shadow away from the lettering. Decrease the values to move it closer.

  • Shadow Color

    Select the color for the shadow.

    If the checkered background is the same color as a border or shadow color, click on the Text & Size tab and change the preview background color.

  • Special Effects

    Skip over this tab unless you would like to add an effect like arched, wave, slanted lettering, etc...

  • Special Effects

    Preview all the effects by clicking Preview All The Effects. You can also select an effect from the list.

    Each effect will have a few Effect Adjustments to change the effect. Each adjustment includes a quick description of what it does or how to use it.

    Most of the effects have Preset Options on the right hand size. Click on a preset number or select Compare Preset Options to compare all the presets and select the one you like.

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