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Wall lettering
Cheryl K.

Turn out nice. I would order again. Probably will.

Eastside Kyokushin Martial Arts School- Large inside the school signing. It was an amazing product to immediately brand a large space. Easy to order, easy to put up for a first time user.
Sensei H.

Great Product and very easy install for a first time user. I am not one to put up large decor like this (skill wise), so the fact that it immediately looked professional- perfect. Pro Tip- use a heat gun to stick if the wall is cold.

My husband is in the Military, at each new duty station I put up a clock wall that’s labeled with cities where our families live.
Courtney F.

I’ve been using your company for years, absolutely the best quality and service!

I wanted some lettering where we display our children’s artwork in their playroom.
Jennifer B.

The lettering was easy to apply to the wall and arrived quickly!

A wall for a Family Resource Center.
Matt S.

Easy to use website and reasonably priced. The vinyl scratched ever so slightly in the application, but still worked out.

Glass entrance wall
Mark Z.

Great quality, easy to install, professional grade and most importantly MADE IN THE USA! Thank you, great product

I have inspirational quotes on the walls of my kitchen, office, and bedroom.
David J.

I love my vinyl lettering. The one around the hearth is in german and says: "Home and Hearth are worth Gold" The one below the clock is german for: "Shared joy is double joy; shared sorrow is half the sorrow."

Walls design

I'm so pleased with my wall decal. It arrived earlier than I expected.. It looks great and was so easy to apply. I have recommended to several of my friends and I will definitely order again!

I put an umbrella quote above my Iris Scott painting in my living room.
Rebecca C.

I found the website very user friendly and the design tools allowed for creativity. So glad I bought that squeegee. Making sure my lettering stuck to my wall was a bit of a workout. Some did not adhere at first, but I took my time and laid the paper back down and rubbed some more. Very happy with the final result.

Labeled wall maps with name and scale
Mark T.

Professional look, fast service.

Affordable, quality and quick turnaround!

I was so pleased with the price point and quick turnaround. I was able to create a wall deal for my daughter's "teen" bedroom based on Netflix Alexa & Katie show and she loves it!

Exterior windows on salon entry and interior walls over wig and hair display area.
Anne F.

We are opening more salons soon. We will reach out to U-Neek Hair Salons Official lettering company, Do It Yourself Lettering. U-Neek Hair Salon, a Florida business supporting Florida businesses

To create lettering to put on my wall
Debbie S.

Lettering was easy to apply and came very quickly. Would order from DIY again.

Sunroom wall

Very easy to do

The lettering was used in a cobbler shop in Rhode Island that dates back to the 1800’s

The lettering looked great on the walls Thanks for making the process so easy

I had a plaque and some measuring cups that I wanted to make into wall art. The result is attached.

The "beyond measure" text was too large, and I had to cut it apart and "scrunch" the letters a bit to get it to fit on the board. But I still liked the way it turned out. :-)

We placed the lettering on a main wall inside an office.
Collin O.

The vinyl lettering was easy to install and looked great on the wall.

We used it on an accent wall in our kitchen
Jen and Chet

We had a little trouble with the installation. We tried to do a wet installation but it didn't work. We had to let everything dry out before we could get it to work. It was very difficult to get off of the paper. We had one letter rip and two others have small wrinkles in them but it looks great.

HR Office wall

Always a pleasure!

Dinning Room Wall
Dorothy J.

Looks Beautiful, but won't be doing this again

I built my son a “Nerf” wall for all of his toy guns.
Sean L.

Product was amazing! And super easy to apply. Looks awesome.

Wall hanging.

Everyone loves this beautiful addition to my new kitchen. Thank you.

Decorative lettering for interior wall.

Ordered, received and on the wall in less than a week! Was easily able to install on my own. Thanks for the “ cutting it into smaller prices” hint! Would have been a lot more difficult to do without help otherwise. Very satisfied and have passed website on to friends.

Our son’s bedroom

Love it! It also came way before expected. Super quality and a great price, especially being custom!!

Words of encouragement on my studio walls for clients.
Judy L.

The letters were easy to apply with great instructions. The came quickly and customer service is always courteous.

I used the lettering on our two guest room walls.

Once the hard part - centering and leveling the banner - was done, the rest of the installation was simple. Great quality.

5ft tall raw edge wood wall hanging.

Loved the product and ease of use instructions. I've received several compliments on the wall hanging. Your measurements were spot on!

Wall lettering for a residential bar.

It went up easy. I've done it once before.

To stick a motivational quote on a wall

The quality of material is very high quality and sticks so well it looks as if you painted it on. It was a challenge sticking all the letters on the wall but the end product was well worth it.

Metal office plates and glass walls.

Excellent product! So easy to install, and it has saved me more than $100 on installation fees.

Wall Lettering Decal

Excellent Quality, easy to order and install, our Wall Decal looks like it was painted to the wall instead of decal lettering. We are very pleased with the product

We used the lettering to place our company core values on the wall in our office for the team and clients to see every day as a reminder.

Creating and installing the lettering was even easier than we expected. The lettering was incredible quality and simple instructions made application a breeze. Having our core values displayed in a place both team members and clients can view is the constant reminder we all needed to keep our focus on what our ultimate WIN is every day here at Dale Carnegie North Texas. Thank you DIY Letting!

To put a line of poetry by Mary Oliver on my dining room wall.
Tracy T.

I LOVE the way it turned out and will definitely do this again. You can create exactly what you want using their online design studio.