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Leslie L.

I was very impressed with your customer service. I opted for weeding, which turned out to be a disaster. I reordered my signs, with a note about my "weeding" experience. My original purchse was refunded. I did not request or expect this as it was my option to choose weeding. Your customer service far excels anything I have seen in quite some time. I would recommend your company to anyone needing this type of product.

Intended for mailbox,was incorrect, therefore useless.
Bradley A.

The lettering, intended to be a lighted mailbox label, arrived incorrect, missing the street number. It should have read 35 Santa Ana Ave rather than simply Santa Ana Ave which is obviously not very useful. I called, was told a new one with the number would be mailed out but have not received it. I would not recommend your service.

I used my lettering for mailbox numbers.
Jesse L.

I was very impressed with my lettering. It actually turned out even better than expected! One thing I loved most was being able to find a font that matched the numbers on the front of my house; it's not a standard font. I admit, the front of my house is nice and well kept, but a little boring for the neighborhood, (what can I say, I like less maintenance). It may be a simple change, but these numbers really polish up the front curb appeal and I think are the nicest mailbox numbers on the block. Thank you so much! I am trying to think up my next project for some lettering!

Lettering on windshield of motorcycle.
David J.

These are great letters. We have them on the mailbox and now on my motorcycle.

I used it on my new mail box. Now I have the best looking mailbox on my street.
Jim W.

The intial order I placed, I did not choose to have you do the Weeding. That was a disaster. If I was you, I would not even make that a choice. When I contacted you, you sent me another and you did the Weeding. Then the lettering was very easy and smooth to put it on the mail box. Thanks for giving me a second chance with the Weeding. I will take a picture and send it to your email.

David E.

Great service, rock-solid product. Accessible.

Putting our address on our mailbox
Kathy L.

When the first order we placed arrived, we realized that the lettering was distorted because we had increased the size of the letters incorrectly. We had to order a whole new set of letters, but the second time they were very nice.

Mailbox address

Very nicely done. Very simple to apply. The reflective letters really do show up at night. Shipping was fast. Very pleased with product, service and ease of use. I definitely am glad I did not choose weeding myself. It is ready to go on when you get it already weeded.

John G.

The lettering was extremely easy to install on my mailbox and the results were very professional looking.

I made a label to put my address on a new mailbox I purchased.

I really liked the ease of choosing the font, color, etc on the website. I received my order remarkably quickly (it was shipped within 1 day of the order being placed!). The address label looks great on my new copper mailbox. Thanks for the outstanding service!

mailbox--not yet completed
Anita M.

Best service to date of any company I have done business with.

Richard F.

Picture to follow next week. It is at my vacation cabin


Great, fast, right price!

Numbers for my new mailbox since I wasn't impressed with the sticky numbers at Lowe's or Home Depot.
Meghan W.

I would highly recommend Do-It-Yourself Lettering.Their website was easy to use; with lots of options for colors, fonts, shadows, etc.; and I got my order in just a few days. It looks great on my mailbox and I'd definitely use them again if I need anything else.

Jan B.

I am very pleased with customer service and the finished product.

We added our house # to both sides of our mailbox which is located at the street.

The addition of the beautiful numbering and the quality of its appearance really made a difference to the entrance of our home. It's also so much easier to find our house number. Thanks so much for the products that you offer. We look forward to working with you again.

Numbers for our mailbox.

I was very impressed with our numbers. They look great!

Cece P.

Very easy and impressive process. Thanks!


The Mesquite style lettering on our new mailbox at the ranch looks so great we just had to share some pictures with you! Thank you!!!

Our new stainless steel locked mailbox.

We have used the numbers you buy at the hardware store, which usually are difficult to line up and over time peel up. Not only were these easy to apply but when finished they are so thin it looked liked we had painted them on!


Excellent quality materials, enormous variety of great fonts to choose from, quick delivery, easy application, looks great. Mine does have some little bubbles after applying...don't know if I could have avoided that. Maybe the black mailbox was too hot when I did it. But nobody'd notice it but me. My husband suggested I poke them w a pin, but I haven't.

I needed to exactly match the original numbers on a replacement mailbox.
Larry S.

I looked at several other web sites, but yours offered exactly what I needed, it was easy to use and the numbers look perfect!

New mailbox.
Carol L.

The only problem was that there were no instructions included and I discovered later that I applied the letters in a manner that made the job much more difficult and time consuming than it needed to be.

Gordon S.

Numbers were easy to apply and gave our mailbox character. Will send pix in a day or so. Very good product and service.

I just installed a new mailbox and post and wanted something nicer than the peel and stick letters at Lowe's or Walmart. Your product was perfect!
Kathy D.

This product was perfect for my mailbox project! I liked that I could chose the font and size. Excellent customer service--shipped within hours of my order. I am very, very pleased!

To put our name and address on our mailbox.
Gilda H.

The lettering looked fine but even though I followed the directions to the letter, preparing and cleaning the mailbox first, when I applied the letters it just rolled back off the box. After a couple of tries it just rolled up and had to be thrown away. Total waste of $30.00. I was incredibly disappointed in the quality of the lettering.

Used to reapply numbering to mailbox.
Vance L.

Applying the numbers was very easy with the backings provided. I live in a subdivision that requires the same mailbox and numbering on all lots. I provided the link on our HOA website so everyone will have the information. I provided the measurements and font that they need to order.

Jason J.

Your product is awesome. Exactly what I was looking for...

my mailbox

The numbers I ordered for my new mailbox were perfect, exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much!

new mailbox

Totally great! Product is terrific, arrived in 3 days. Will definitely recommend your Website to others.

mailbox numbers

When we bought our house, the mailbox was falling apart and the numbers were awful! I looked everywhere for a good solution for numbers on a black background and the pickings were slim! I'm so glad I found your site. Easy, creative, fast! I'm super happy.

Bob F.

Our first attempt at do-it-yourself lettering and we were very pleased with the entire process.

Our street address number on our mailbox.
Ray C.

If only all websites and customer service could be so good! The product was well described, the options were honestly portrayed, and, most importantly, our lettering looks great!

Renumbering mailboxes
A. Brandt

I easily found the correct number font to match other mailboxes in subdivision. Numbers are high quality and very easy to apply.