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To put our name and address on our mailbox.
Gilda H.

The lettering looked fine but even though I followed the directions to the letter, preparing and cleaning the mailbox first, when I applied the letters it just rolled back off the box. After a couple of tries it just rolled up and had to be thrown away. Total waste of $30.00. I was incredibly disappointed in the quality of the lettering.

Used to reapply numbering to mailbox.
Vance L.

Applying the numbers was very easy with the backings provided. I live in a subdivision that requires the same mailbox and numbering on all lots. I provided the link on our HOA website so everyone will have the information. I provided the measurements and font that they need to order.

Jason J.

Your product is awesome. Exactly what I was looking for...

my mailbox

The numbers I ordered for my new mailbox were perfect, exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much!

new mailbox

Totally great! Product is terrific, arrived in 3 days. Will definitely recommend your Website to others.

mailbox numbers

When we bought our house, the mailbox was falling apart and the numbers were awful! I looked everywhere for a good solution for numbers on a black background and the pickings were slim! I'm so glad I found your site. Easy, creative, fast! I'm super happy.

Bob F.

Our first attempt at do-it-yourself lettering and we were very pleased with the entire process.

Our street address number on our mailbox.
Ray C.

If only all websites and customer service could be so good! The product was well described, the options were honestly portrayed, and, most importantly, our lettering looks great!

Renumbering mailboxes
A. Brandt

I easily found the correct number font to match other mailboxes in subdivision. Numbers are high quality and very easy to apply.

Numbers for a new mailbox
Rodger S.

Your website was really easy to use and order these numbers - and your processing time and shipping was incredibly fast! I'll use you guys again for anything like this I need! Thanks, Rodger Sellers


After a fruitless search at several big-box home improvement and office stores (my husband and I could *not* agree on styles from selections available), I was thrilled to find Do It YourselfLettering, where I could not only customize my text and font, but pick any color, combination, and lettering durability I wanted. I had been hoping to find something that not only suited my personality but also the character of our home, and was extremely pleased with the fact that the colors I was able to select are very similar to our home's paint scheme. I did experience a little difficulty with applying the letters to my mailbox (because once I stuck a letter on crooked, I wasn't sure if trying to remove and realign it would tear or stretch it), but it's really difficult to see that one character is crooked unless you're actually looking for it. All in all I am pleased with the product quality, ease of placement and use, price, and vast options for customization. I will definitely use this product again and will recomment it to friends and family.

Mailbox House Number
Cathy V.

Very easy to apply. The letters look great, this was just what I had been looking for!

Bill R.

Easy to install, look great

Mailbox numbers

Was actually trying to match with the old numbers and find out what font was used. Finally got it, but very time consuming trying one by one different fonts...Would be nice to generate the page with the font choices having the mailbox number written in all the different fonts instead of the font names.

Laura W.

I ordered a wine/maroon letter color and they arrived more red then I would have liked. Overall quality of the thickness of the letters was good but my # 4 wasn't completely cut out so I had to do so which was difficult.The color of the letters and numbers that I was really looking for was a bronze which you didn't offer. It would be great if you could make this a choice.


Very easy to install!

Mailbox lettering, wanted something different than the hardware store.
Bob G.

It is so classy looking it just makes the whole neighborhood look better!

Jon T.

Neat resource for all kinds of things

Put numbers on our mailbox.
Chuck P.

Variety of fonts and colors to choose from. Website very easy to use and will show you what you are creating. Ordering very simple. Top quality product, easy to place (on mailbox in our case). Thanks for a great product!


My husband and I were trying to find mailbox lettering we both liked, but we couldn't agree on anything. He would pick out things you had to screw in, and I wanted adhesives so we wouldn't have to drill any new holes in the box or post. Sadly, most of the options at big box stores for adhesive numbers are either ugly or not in our color scheme. I LOVED that we had the ability to cumstomize just about every detail: color, font, size, and I was also thrilled to discover I could put a different-colored border around my text, to give it an even more personalized look. Thank you so much! The next time we need custom lettering, we'll definitely check back with Do It Yourself Lettering!


Excellent product, very fast shipping. I am very pleased with the results.

Street address on mailbox.
Brian M.

Very easy to install. Great directions.

R Clear

Great service, lettering works very well and was easy to apply

i put one set on mailbox, very visible with porch light on it at nite, and the other to a plaque which i nailed to cedar gate in alley
Mari W.

Not able to upload pictures because I haven't taken any pictures nor do I intend to (can't find digital camera)

I put reflective numbering on my new mailbox as well as personalization on my tri bike.
Sherri M.

The interactive preview screen was what convinced me to use your company and I'm so glad I did. Your product quality is great and I got exactly what was shown on the screen. Now my new mailbox looks complete, and I know visitors can find us without problem when it's dark!

Mailbox numbering
Mike J.

The process was very easy, from website to installation. The label was extremely easy to install and looks great.

Betsy B.

Great product. Would recommend to all.

Dan H.

Lettering put on mailbox but won't be installing until spring...Very nice product!

Leah T.

We love our mailbox numbers! We had been looking for something for quite some time that would go with the style of our house and were having trouble finding it. Your product fit the bill perfectly. The numbers look great, and application was a snap! We have the best looking mailbox on the street.

mailbox house number
Sally S.

I originally ordered reflective numbers (not realizing that they would be silver) and non-weeded. I appreciated your willingness to re-do my order in white weeded format with no additional charge. Thanks for the great service!

Angela M.

Wonderful choice of fonts. Very easy to order and installation was a cinch! Admired by all our neighbors (many of whom have those nasty plastic stick on ones!). Thanks for saving us money and making us look good!

Numbering for the mailbox
Kathy B.

I bought my home in March, 2009 and one of the last projects before fall was to replace my mailbox and post. I purchased a post, who I've named Fred, and placed a black mailbox on top. I went to craft stores, home improvement stores, and the like looking for appropriate numbers. After weeks of searching, I went to the web and found your site. WOW! The combinations seemed limitless. I not only found a perfectly fitting font, but was able to comply with the township's recommendation of placing reflective numbers on mailboxes to accommodate location identification by emergency vehicles. Thank you so much!!!


Great product and service. I have the nicest mailbox on the block!

Putting our sons' names on the back of their helmets
J Wheeler

The process of creating and receiving our sons' names for their helmets was unbelievably enjoyable. Made the order around 11pm Wednesday and pulled them from the mailbox Saturday morning! We will be back for more!!!

this project was the refurbishment of two banks of mailboxes, the reflective white vinyl numbers being the finishing touch.
Leah B.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience! The entire process could not have been any easier and the perfectly finished product was delivered uncannily fast. I wish all my vendors were this together! I have nothing but praise - kudos to d-i-y lettering