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New mailbox
Mary G.

The reflective numbers and letters are soooo visible at night. We are extremely pleased with the ease of applying them. We would highly recommend your product.

My new mailbox.

Very fast service, and the application of the stickers was easy. I definitely have the best looking mailbox on our little country road!

Mailbox numbers. We didn't use the website, and have no pictures
D. Fanter

Excellent service and a fine product. Now that Lowe's and Home Depot have dropped our size, DIY was our only hope. They did well.

Numbers on a mailbox
Dennis L.

Once the numbers had been placed on the mailbox, the paper on the face was quite difficult to remove.

Mailbox numbers
Les F.

This was a fun, easy, and unique way to personalize our mailbox.

Terry T.

Everything worked. The website design process was especially cool.

Address numbers on mailbox.

Ordering was easy, application of the numbers on my mailbox was very easy. If I ever need vinyl lettering again I will order it here! Thanks!

Address for our mailbox
Karen S.

I thought I'd ordered Dk green with gold shadow, it came in black with silver. Oh well. Too late, I couldn't tell until the strip was in place. The website never allows you to confirm or double your order in terms of color. At least not on my iPad. The font selection is amazing, however.

Our mailbox

I am extremely happy with the beautiful results!! The cost was less than those ugly, everyday number and lettering tiles from the home improvement store. Thank you so much for providing a great product! We will definitely use your website when we move and have to upgrade the next mailbox. =)


Easy to apply and very classy lettering. I highly recommend diy lettering and will definitely order from them again. Thank you!!

Our mailbox.
Brenda B.

Easy to apply!


Outstanding product with outstanding results!

Mail box

I ordered black letters by mistake, for a black mailbox. I was impressed with the quality of the letters and decided to go ahead and order them again in white. The gentleman that answered my call was exceptionally helpful and without my asking offered to reprint my address label and ship it again at no charge. The new set arrived in a matter of days. I have already given your name to my neighbors. Your service and product are outstanding. Thank you from a very satisfied new customer!

Our mailbox at home.
Matt V.

Your product was incredible. You have truly helped us to achieve the exact/professional look that we were looking for. Our new mailbox does "indeed" look better than anyone else on our street! ... When the "simple", "ordinary", and otherwise "ugly" letters from Wal-Mart just won't do for your project, you should really give this guy a chance to show you how great letters and numbers can really look! The colors matched, and the font-face was excellent on the product that was shipped to me! Thanks again for a great product!!

Mailbox numbers
Steve G.

I was very happy with the web-site and the actual product...Thanks!

mail box redo

Selected the catagory of Mailbox Lettering. Completed my design and set @ 2.25 inches high. Assuming you knew that the average mailbox is only 22 inches long I paid no attention to the length. Your product arrived at 30 inches plus!!! Almost had to throw the lettering away. Cut off 'reet' from Street and just made it. Your site software should have limited or alerted me to the length of the finished address.

Mailbox numbering
W LaPorte

I am very pleased with the entire experience. Would recommend that anyone looking for customer letters and number save a lot of time and use this site.

We used the lettering for our mailbox.
Laura H.

I must say that I visited more than 20 sites for our mailbox lettering. I had a vision for the box and I wanted what I wanted. Although there were several sites that offered the same font that I purchased from DIY Lettering, their web sites were incredibly difficult and user UNfriendly and they were expensive. One site's lettering price was more than $80 for the same thing I got from DIY. DIY had the easiest site AND the best pricing. When we got the lettering, the instructions were very easy to understand and no fuss no muss to apply. We did the application ourselves and would definitely do it again.

A set of mailboxes in a small commmunity
Homeowner a.

Found you on the web...Google search. Most of the dealing on the telephone....excellent service, excellent product, good price....excellent value


Good quality product, Vinyl lettering serves the purpose.


Your website offers a wealth of type styles and colors, but apparently does not allow a single order for mixed font sizes - as for numbers and street names on mailbox lettering. Separate orders were placed for both to allow this approach.

mailbox letters

We purchased reflective numbers for our mailbox and are so pleased with our purchase. We live on a dark country road and the reflective numbers are very visible, and the font is so attractive and stylish. Installation was simple and our numbers arrived in just a few days.

house # on mailbox from Grandin Road catalog company
Megan N.

Looks Beautiful!!

Numbers for a new mailbox
Carolyn C.

I know that it is just numbers on a mailbox but I wanted it to be special. I couldn't be happier with DIY Lettering! I was able to choose from many fonts, sizes and colors. I love my little numbers! What more can I say?! Now I'm looking for more ways to use this site.

Custom mailbox numbers.

The numbers were exactly what I asked and hoped for. I completely messed up the application, but upon asking they sent me a new set of numbers for free! They were easy to communicate my wants to and got back to me in a reasonable amount of time. I confidently recommend them.

Would have been for our black mailbox - see below.
Kate P.

I was getting it for our black mailbox, not understanding from the demo that there was no background - I remember there being a msg about the background, but I misinterpreted it, and can't use the numbers I ordered. Hence a downgrade on the wedsite rating - why add different background color options if it's just the numbers cut out?


I'll send a photo at a later date. I ordered this for friends and their first comment was, "that's phenomenal". Great work.


Worked just like advertised

Foster B.

After placing my order, I decided I wanted a different color and emailed the company accordingly. I was amazed to receive an immediate, personal response from the owner of the company even though it was late at night. Great customer service!

My mailbox

Very convenient and easy to use!!!

address numbers on a vinyl mailbox
Betsy M.

Overall cost too much for such a small project. Although I was impressed with the quality and speedy turnaround, I could have lived with USPS for $2-3. My mailbox numbers do not look like a $19.00 job but I do understand the cost of an individual setup and economies of scale. I would use you again for a bigger job.


So easy and professional looking. Will definitely use again when the need arrises!

J. Brown

Great product. Easy to use. Save me lots of money!

My husband converted an old motor into a mailbox and the lettering is on each side.

We are very pleased with the ease of use and visibility of the lettering.

Peter D.

No more confused delivery people! It looks more integral than letters with backgrounds, which end up looking cheap, especially when the background is supposed to match the surface color but has faded.