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Custom Vinyl Etched Glass Vinyl For Door

“Hate the word “repurposed” but I guess that’s what we did. Newer house older door. With your lettering I got exactly the look we wanted.”

Uppseven, Buckeye State

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Hate the word “repurposed” but I guess that’s what we did. Newer house older door. With your lettering I got exactly the look we wanted.

Jun 2019

Custom Vinyl Decals For Can-Am

“Excellent product, easy to use site, extremely fast shipping, lettering was easy to install following DIY's instructions. Project came out very well and exceeded my expectations. Will use again in the near future.”

Barenjager, Michigan

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: We've called our Can-Am Commander "The Breeze", as in the J.J. Cale written Skynyrd song, for a couple of years. Wanted to make it official. DIY's Olympic blue turned out to be a perfect match to Can-Am's Octane blue and the Impact font a close match to the factory lettering.

Jun 2019

Custom Vinyl Lettering For Boat Name

“I nicked up the corner of the first "n" in the photo during install. Fortunately its hard to tell. I also had a couple of issues where the decals folded over themselves on the name and the reg numbers. That was the hardest part for me. Otherwise I feel like I got what I paid for, the numbers look good, and designing it online was easy and the print matched my design.”

Tyler, Ohio

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Boat name and registration numbers

Jun 2019

Custom Vinyl Lettering For Sign

“As I said before the quality and the speed that I received your product was Great!”

Bob, Mendocino, CA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: I used your lettering to build a sign for my girlfriend using rustic materials that we both are fond of. She was very pleased with the final product as well as myself and I was also very pleased with the speed and the quality of the lettering that you sent me. I'm happy to send a picture of the sign I built oh, thank you very much for your help in my efforts. Bob
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Balloon

Jun 2019

Custom Vinyl Decal For Truck

“I used the website to design this graphic and it came to me just as I envisioned it. The graphic material seems thick enough so that it is not"over delicate". The installation was very easy....I am extremely satisfied with my order and have already been in touch with DIY Lettering for my next project. I am impressed with the staff. I asked if I could get a "non-standard", self designed applique for my truck and the lady said, if you can show us what you want, we can make it.....they have my respect and I would recommend them to anybody desiring this type product. Oh, when I received my order I was expecting one decal.....the envelope had two with a note saying, just in case you might experience an accident, we sent two. This is a caring and customer oriented business.....Bravo DIY!”

Ed Ducote, Leesville, LA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Personalized decal for my truck.
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Bruch Script

Jun 2019

Custom Vinyl Mailbox Numbers

“These were good quality and pretty easy to apply! Very pleased with the results!”

Jill, Cary, NC, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: New mailbox

Jun 2019

Custom Vinyl Bicycle Frame

“Fast shipping and great quality. Durability remains to be seen, but I'm hoping for the best.”

Captain Anarchy, Appleton, Wisconsin

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: My old mountain bike has been reborn into an all weather commuter. And it's actually snappy enough to use every day.
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Solemnity

Jun 2019

Custom Vinyl Lettering For Vehicle

“The signs were great. There was one small defect with one of them (part of an "E" was inexplicably missing) but DIY sent me a new letter like overnight mail. And they called and gave me advice when ordering. And the signs were super-easy to apply. Not cheap, but a great company to deal with.”

Will Sherman, Ashland, OR

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: DOT-compliant truck door signage
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Stencil

Jun 2019

Custom Vinyl Lettering For Boat Name

“Very quick service”

Monica, Knoxville, TN

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Boat name
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Airstream

May 2019

Custom Vinyl Lettering For Boat

“Turned out nice”

Anonymous, Some-City, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: My boat
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Impact

May 2019

Custom Vinyl Lettering on Boat

“Perfect!! Super easy to design, great font and color selection, great layout tool. Everything was great. I ordered early in the morning, and it shipped out that same day. Super easy to apply as well. Thank you! Highly recommend, already referred 3 people from a boat brand owner Facebook group.”

Scott, Chicago burbs, IL

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: New boat purchase, created lettering for the name on the stern door and the registration numbers on each side of the hull

Jun 2019

Custom Vinyl Boat Name

“we messed up on one of the letters, we called customer service to order a replacement letter and they just sent us a replacement free of charge.. will definetely order from them again”

JG, Yonges Island, SC

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Fast shipping, great customer service

Jun 2019

Custom Vinyl Decal For Boat

“Worked .”

Ron Hamilton

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Houseboat

Jun 2019

Custom Vinyl Mailbox Lettering

“Our mailbox was looking tired and ready to be replaced. I Repainted and then applied the do it yourself lettering which was a snap. I went for the upgrade of reflective lettering and happy that I did. Would definitely use them again.”

Andrew, Franklin, MA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Mailbox
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Garamond Small Caps

Jun 2019

Custom Vinyl

“I use DIY lettering for all my truck graphics. Always great customer service, quality, and speedy delivery. Plus the price is very affordable. I'll continue to do business with you.”

Anonymous, Some-City, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Truck lettering

Jun 2019

Custom Vinyl Lettering For Sign

“Great product at a reasonable price.”

Ray, Raleigh, NC

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Exterior Sign

Jun 2019

Custom Vinyl Lettering For Boat Name

“We've used DIY for three boats. Always a great product, fast shipping and fair price. Love the easy web design. Great fun to play with fonts, shadows and shapes.”

Anonymous, SW, FL

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Commercial boat
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Flamenco

Jun 2019

Custom Vinyl Decals For Golf Cart

“I will definitely keep using you when needs arise. I will also refer people to you. Your high quality reflective vinyl is amazing.”

Rich, Myrtle Beach, SC

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: We live in a golf cart community and rules state We put our site address on the cart. I also wanted to give cart a name so we did that also. I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and your Cowboy font is perfect.

May 2019

Custom Vinyl Decals
Custom Vinyl Number

“My order had a custom logo. The service was fast, accurate and affordable.”

Steve Vinson, Phoenix, AZ

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: I used the lettering on my Cyclekart project.

May 2019

Custom Vinyl Lettering For Bicycle Frame

“The decals were perfect for my project. First time customer that will be back for more.”

Matt Tanner, Rollfast, Carmel Indiana

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: I custom painted a bicycle frame for an art project for my company.

May 2019