Testimonial #6226 for: Vinyl Lettering

Custom Vinyl Lettering For Travel Trailer

“I've used lettering . com before and was always pleasantly surprised with the quality and ease of ordering. This last order however arrived with incorrect sizing. I ordered the 4 names above all in Capitol letters at 2.5 inches. The first two names Capitol letters were only 2 inches high. And silly me, didn't realize this until after I installed them. I know, my fault. But when I check the web site, I did order correctly. I contacted CS and they immediately said they would replace my order at no charge. I immediately responded thank you, but no need to replace as I've already installed. I do not plan to remove and reinstall. We'll today my replacement order shipped. So while CS might be quick, they don't necessarily listen. I still plan to use them for future orders, but next time will triple check my order prior to installing.”

ARamblingRose, Milford, PA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Our travel trailer
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Romaneste

Jun 2024