Testimonial #5323 for: Vinyl Lettering

Custom Vinyl Lettering For Car

“I'm paranoid about submitting anything on the Internet but I'm making an exeption because I couldn't be more pleased at the outcome of the sticker you made for me. Your Web Site is easy for non-technical folks like me and your talent in creating the product is Excellent.”

J. James, California.

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Your DIY Web Site is easy and user friendly! I'm making a tribute 1970's SCCA Trans Am style car. The sticker is to honor my Father who raced Corvettes at Riverside in the late 50's, and he owned a Richfield Gas Station in San Fernando Valley, CA at that time. My Grandfather owned Terrell Batteries in San Fernando Valley, CA in the 1940's. This sticker replicates the Pulp Fiction style of Stock Car Sponsors of the 60's and 70's. You made it Perfect - Great stunning Colors, Font looks great! Sincerely.

Nov 2020