Testimonial for: Vinyl Lettering

Custom Vinyl Kayak Name

Michael, Truckee, CA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: A couple years ago, my friend Linda introduced me to single shell rowing. I fell in love with this activity and looked to acquire my own boat. Long story shortened... Linda was a long-term cancer survivor but last fall the cancer returned with a vengeance and, very unfortunately, took her life. She was a most vibrant, strong and active woman. Two weeks after she passed, her husband and my close friend Bob, called to say that he wanted me to have Linda’s boat... I was very touched and accepted his kind and generous offer. I told Bob that I would like to name the boat “Linda”. He agreed and was pleased. I stripped the original decals and pinstripes off the boat and replaced them with the decal I got from you and a fuchsia deck pinstripe that is the color of a ski jacket that Linda would often wear. I took the boat to show Bob and, needless to say, he was overwhelmed... and happy with my efforts to keep the memory of “Linda”afloat. Thank you!

Jun 2020