Testimonial for: Vinyl Lettering

Custom Vinyl Decals For Trailer

“I put on the first set on the sides but didn't like the shadowing effect with that font. It made it hard to read. The back graphic was great (it didn't have the shadow). I had problems with the applications however because there was no "hinge" room at the top of the tallest letter. So, you sent me another set of side lettering. I had to remove the lettering on the 2 sides (which wasn't too bad) and reapply the new ones. The second lettering looked good but it still did not have the hinge at the top. See the photo. I got it applied but I had to really manipulate it (just like the first time). It applied okay partially because the font is different and doesn't require a super straight line.”

Debbi Lynn

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: The sides and back of a trailer. I am now on a 1 year work-travel project.
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Fabulous 50s

May 2015