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My son's playroom!

We had "Peyton's Clubhouse" done in Walt Disney font and it was perfect! Absolutely made the room and by far the best lettering I have used. We have wall words all over our house and none have been this easy to put up especially on textured walls and the quality is exceptional! Ready to order more! Will recommend to EVERYONE!

to decorate my 12 year old son't bedroom

The shipping time on this was phenomenal! Product was everything I expected. It was a little more difficult to put on than I thought it would be, but still no real trouble. I am very happy with my purchase!

Writing my son's name on a gyp board wall

Looks great!

I installed the phrase on my kitchen wall, and I love it. I get a lot of compliments on it.
Vicky J.

The lettering is so easy to install. I will order more as soon as I decide what I want it to say, and where I want to put it.

I just started a new job at a school where the motto is a latin phrase. I thought the motto would look great on the wall of my office. It does!
Rick C.

Everyone who walks into my office comments about how professional the lettering looks. It is really great. The story of how I came to use this service is illustrative of my point. Wanting to make a stencil of the school motto I went onto Word and typed up the motto. It took me several tries to get the sizing correct and of course, it was several pages. I then printed it out on card stock, taped the pages together and proceeded to cut out the stenicl. Although I used a razor knife there were some spots that were less than perfect but still, I had my stencil. It was my intention to tape the stencil to the wall and paint inside the cut out letters. Then, I thought,"you can find anything you want on the internet." So, on a whim, I googled something like "cut out lettering" and your website came up. In about five minutes I was able to read the instructions, figure out how to use the site and produce the motto. I had painted the bottom of the walls in my office the school color green. I was able to select the exact same color for the decal. I also used the same font (but I could have chosen any of the thousands you have) that I used for the stencil I made. It came in two days and cost 35 bucks. It was pretty easy to apply to the walls. What more could I ask? A couple of the letters were folded over onto themselves in the transfer paper but I just unfolded them and you can't tell that they were ever folded crease.

I wanted to be reminded daily of a particular prayer so I decided to have it stenciled on my bedroom wall. I had it done in white so it is barely visible on a beige wall (which was intentional), yet I can read it each morning I wake up. I love it!

The website was extremely easy to use. I was surprised to find so many font choices and I am extremely satisfied with the end-product. I sent a question via email to customer service and received a response almost immediately.

A wall in the office.

Letters went on great and they look very high quality.

Wall art in a reading/TV room
Linda B.

Totally satisfied with the service and product. I had given an old P.O. Box number for the shipping address, on the online order form. When I called to make the change a day later, the order had already been shipped and they immediately volunteered to send another FREE OF CHARGE, even though it was my mistake. I declined their generous offer and worked with my local post office and got the lettering in two days.

Wall signage for room names; previous order was used for exhibit titles in a gallery

Pictures will be coming in a separate email

Decorating kitchen wall. I will send phots with separate email.
Jerry S.

A four 10s rating seems inflated, but definitely earned. I am totally pleased,

Words on the walls of our new retail store. We will send photos separately.
The W.

We were very pleased with the vinyl lettering and other ornaments. They were relatively easy to apply. They are a unique design element in our space, and we've had customers comment on them as well.

Bedroom Wall Decor
Cara N.

Loved being able to design this myself and really make it personal. Great product, great price. Would totally recommend.

Decorate the kitchen
M T Aiken

The lettering was beautiful and very easy for me to apply to the wall. I was actually able to do it be myself.

To put a Bible verse on the wall in my son's room.

I was extremely happy with my purchase and have shared my experience and your website with many friends.

I used the lettering on the wall of an art gallery for the title and my name of my solo show.
Jayne S.

The lettering was easy to use, the exact size I wanted and really completed the look of my show.

Nursery wall decal
Diana S.

Wonderful! I have already recommended to anyone looking for a wall decal. I had a question before placing my order and when I called the man I spoke with was quite possibly the most helpful anyone has ever been over the phone. He even offered suggestions and made sure we got the best options for our order. Will definitely continue ordering from you guys and recommending.

Nursery wall decor
Scott P.

I will definitely use DIY Lettering again! Great quality and incredible customer service!

Home office wall
David R.

Just a great experience. easy and with great quality.

Wall design
Sandra F.

Very pleased with the final product

Internal office walls.
Chiro J.

Love them! I will use you again

We we decorating our daughter's bedroom. She has some cute dresses that her grandmother bought her so we got the letters to make it seem like her own little boutique.
Lucy's D.

At first I thought that it was too easy...then I started to read the comments/testimonials and didn't see one negative posts. I submitted my order on a Saturday afternoon and the product arrived on Monday!!! I was so impressed with the speed and quality that I have bookmarked DIY lettering and will be sharing the site with friends.

interior wall signage
James Y.

The software makes design and layout simple, and the product looks professional.

After painting a wall in our bike shop I used the lettering to make a kind of permanent display and welcome our customers.
Gary G.

Very pleased with the lettering will never buy from another company again, great quality and absolutely the best website for designing your own.

Bible verse for a friends entryway, and one for her little girls dress up mirror. I also put a lyrics to a song on a candle for a friends baby that passed.

I havent put any stickers up on the wall yet. I love that you can see your finished product on the website and you can change the fetures, and compare multiple fonts. I must say this is a well written survey. In my grauate program we are evaluating survey designs, and we have looked at a lot of poorly designed ones. I am impressed.

Accent wall in bedroom/walk-in closet.

Two of my favorite brands and I wanted a bit of a change. The fonts available through DIYL were pretty much close to the original! Will definitely return if there's another decal project!

Decorating a boys bedroom
Mary S.

The lettering is exactly what I wanted. There were plenty of choices to choose from, and very affordable. They were so easy to apply. I'm so glad we went with "Do It Yourself Lettering".

For my hair salon Christmas season I change the wording every year

Your wording wascthe easiest wording I have used And I use wall wording a lot Loved that I could customize it

A romantic reminder for me to my wife, a wall decor.
Ken B.

I chose this lettering because of an ongoing conversation my wife and I had been having about how she liked being kissed goodnight. I was searching online a Christmas gift to get for her and saw a plaque with "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" written on it. Then it struck me about lettering the was. I searched for online lettering companies, yours was the 2nd one that I found, the 1st didn't appeal to me for some reason.

Gallery Exhibition wall text
Karen S.

This was so easy! It was a life saver - it made installation of our exhibition quite easy!


The texture of my wall was so bumpy that the small vinyl lettering did not stick. I called customer service and explained what happened. They did not question me, made some modifications and re-sent me my vinyl lettering - FOR FREE!

A saying on my daughter's bedroom wall.

I have a saying that I say to my daughter every night. I ordered this saying & hung it on her bedroom wall & now she can see it every day. It is very sentimental to both of us. She just turned 7 & it was a surprise. When she walked into her room, she just stared at it for a moment & when she turned around she had tears in her eyes. It's a moment as a mom I will hold close to my heart forever. Even though she is only 7, it meant the world to her. Therefore, this purchase was priceless for me. I did not supply a picture as we prefer to keep this saying to just the 2 of us & do not want anyone else to copy it. However, I would recommend this product to anyone. If you display my comments, please do NOT include the saying I ordered from you. Thank you for your consideration.

My salon wall.
Jenni D.

Was pleasantly surprised to find the application extremely easy even with the large size of the lettering I ordered. I have received many compliments and I have given the website information to many customers.

Bedroom, Bathroom, and Family Room.

I ordered personalized quotes to decorate my bedroom, bathroom and family room. The DIY was so quick and easy. I did have some problems with one quote (it wasn't cut all the way thru and ripped due to small lettering and cursive text), however a new quote was mailed to me without charge. I appreciate your great customer service and wonderful products. In fact, I loved it so much I placed another order yesterday. Thanks again.

The lettering was used an a wall in my dining room/kitchen. I have the room decorated with Americana and have been wanting to do this lettering for several years.

After waiting for several years because I was worried about the cost and difficulty in transfering it, it turned out more affordable and easier to work with than I ever imagined. I love the way it turned out.