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Mailbox with Name and Address Number

“It all went great, I found I did not have a good place to do the weeding, but I got it done. It cost me $10 here for a roll of tape to use as back masking so Next time I might just order them weeded and back masked.”

Bill Folger, Pipestone, MN USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Mail Box.
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Busorama

Oct 2008

Storefront Window Lettering for Event Sale

Anonymous, Some-City, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Sale event
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Trebuchet

Oct 2008

Vinyl Lettering on a Rear Window

Embrace Your Space, Utah, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Car Window
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Juice

Oct 2008

Mailbox Lettering with Reflective White Background

“Easy to do business with. ”

Allan Maly, Grinnell, Iowa, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Rural mailbox. I selected the reflective background for night visibility.

Oct 2008

Mailbox Address Numbers

“Setting up the order was easy and convenient. I could see just what I would be getting, and I appreciated the wide choice of high-quality typefaces available. The letters (numbers in this case) were exactly what I ordered and represented very high quality at a reasonable cost.”

Charlie Bowen, Lexington, MA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: House numbers for mailbox
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Amerigo

Oct 2008

Vehicle Lettering with Button Special Effect

“I had looked at other websites and even at having this done at a place near my home. Not only was "DIY Lettering" the best price, I felt the website and customer service was SUPERIOR. I had called with questions and concerns and Brad was very helpful and patient with me!! He even made some great suggestions with my design, which turned out great! I couldn't be happier. ”

Dee Smith, St. Clair Shores, Michigan

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: The back window of my Dodge Caravan, my Massage business.
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Papyrus

Oct 2008

Black Mailbox with White Vinyl Numbers

“You had an extensive selection of styles and fonts. It was difficult to chose. The numbers arrived quickly after we placed our order. The numbers were extremely easy to apply to the mailbox. They look great! ”

Karen Campbell, Memphis, Tennessee

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Mailbox number
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Windsor

Oct 2008

Wall Lettering - Boys Names

“I think your web site was the nicest -- great immediate visualization, loved the preview in the shopping cart, etc. I did check into several other lettering sites before I chose yours because of the ease of trying out combinations until I felt sure of what I wanted.”

Mom of Happy Boys, California

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Decorate my sons' room with personalization!
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Brady Bunch

Oct 2008

Vinyl Wall Lettering for Bathroom Decoration
Vinyl Wall Lettering for Bathroom Decoration

“Product was very easy to use, I do wish I had ordered a little bit bigger letters, but I am extremely happy with the finished product!”

Susan, Texas, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: To decorate my boys bathroom
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Kids

Sep 2008

Mailboxes with Custom Address Number Decals

“I needed new numbers to sharpen up the look of our mailbox bed. I found the owners of this business to be very helpful..taking time to help me with suggestions. I am very pleased with the numbers and especially that they were put together in their proper sequence for ease of application. I would order again!”

Carole Williamson, Murrells Inlet, SC

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Mailboxes at our condominium property
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Clarendon

Sep 2008

Customer Picture - Mailbox Numbering

W Becker, Port Orange, FL

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: mailbox
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Arial Rounded

Oct 2008

Custom Lettering on a Computer Case

“Worked great! DIY worked with me to create a custom 2-color lettering that matched my organization's logo perfectly. Thanks! (One of the 3 sets was mangled in transit, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple extra sets in the envelope, so it worked out perfectly.)”

Ryan Finnie, Reno, NV

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Computer case glass

Oct 2008

Website URL lettering for a Rear Window

“Web Site hits definitely increased.”, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Advertising My Band
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Benguiat Frisky

Oct 2008

Vinyl Lettering on a Wall

“Loved the way it turned out. We even did the weeding ourselves, after some advise. We muffed up the first one by using blue painters tape that was too sticky, but after calling DIY they kindly remade it for us and shipped it within days. ”

Carolyn, Gallery Lighting One & Interiors, Lake Havasu City, AZ

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: We used the lettering to give our displays some attitude.
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Lucia

Oct 2008

Boat LetteringBoat Lettering

“I just wish we would have ordered larger letters for the sides of the boats. The letters do look great!”

Susan Fondrk-Austin, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Lettering for our new old San Juan 23 sailboat.
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Hobo

Oct 2008

Vinyl Letters on a Train

Anonymous, Some-City, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Lettering for a scratch built 1 1/2 inch to the foot ride on electric locomotive.

Oct 2008

Lettering on Custom Fire Helmet Shield

Anonymous, Some-City, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Fire Helmet Shield Reproductions
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Gill Sans

Oct 2008

Vinyl Sign Lettering

“Great Product, looks great!”

Anonymous, Some-City, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Baseball Dugout Sign

Sep 2008

Lettering on Sub Box

“My vinyl looks and worked great!”

Greg T, Hayward, California USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Writing on a sub box, name of my car.
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Exotic

Sep 2008

Vinyl Address Numbers on a Mailbox

“Thank you for the great product and excellent customer service ! Best - John Greenwich, CT”

Anonymous, Some-City, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Mail Box
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Impact

Sep 2008