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Vinyl Boat Lettering

“Easy to apply, looks great. I am absolutely satisfied with the lettering and was very happy with the way I could customize the fit in a specific size on the website. Thank you!”

JG, Seattle, WA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Transom of a boat
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Arrus

Aug 2012

Custom Wall Lettering

“I've been using DIY Lettering since last Christmas in my gallery for the titles of my exhibitions and for featured artist's names. I use them on interior walls. I get frequent positive comments on the lettering. It creates a polished, finished quality to my displays.”

Kristina, Ipswich, MA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Art gallery exhibition titles
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Ruach

Aug 2012

Custom Boat Name Decals

Anonymous, Some-City, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: boat lettering....
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Austin Powers

Aug 2012

Motorcyle Name Decal

“I am so proud of my new Suzuki Boulevard but I wanted to add a piece of myself to it. I named her Pandora because she was purchased when Curiosity landed on Mars (Pandora was curious, right?). I went straight to the internet to find some way to make a decal for the bike. I went on a bunch of websites but they were difficult to maneuver and were not professional at all. DIY Lettering was fun and easy to use, both in ordering and in putting it on the bike. When I found the Buffied Font, the decision was made! I will definitely come back for more decals for our other bike, helmets, etc. I can't wait to show it off and get my friends and family on this site!”

Monica, Lakewood, OH

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Tattooing my first motorcycle
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Buffied

Aug 2012

Car Window Decals

“I was very pleased with the vinyl lettering I purchased from Do-it-yourself lettering. The first one I received I tried to do using the dry method and it was a disaster and totally my fault. A decal the size of the back window of a pickup is too big for the dry method of application, especially for one person. Do-it-yourself lettering honored their guarantee and sent a second decal at no cost to me, unheard of with any other company I have ever dealt with. The second decal I applied using the wet method and it came out superb. Couldn't be better if a professional lettering company did it. I would certainly recommend this product to a friend, and I will purchase all of my vinyl lettering needs from Do-it-yourself lettering.”

Owner, Custom Wood Creations, Lawton, OK

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: advertising my custom furniture business.
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Brody

Aug 2012

RC Car Decals

“I will be using "Do It Yourself Lettering" from now for all my projects. Top notch service and quality. ”

Emilio D'Andrea, Staten Island, NY

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: 1963 Custom made Quarter scale remote control Indy car Roadster.
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Script MT

Jul 2012

Custom Boat Decals

“Love you guys! Great product! Fast Shipping. Looks awesome!”

Kelvin, Walker, Louisiana

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: All new Lettering on a 1991 Bullet Bass Boat Restorstion
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Flamenco

Jul 2012

Custom Store Front Lettering

“This is the second time I have used DIY Lettering and we love the quick shipping, how easy it is to maneuver around the site and the quality of the product. ”

Stephanie Durst, Bethany, OK

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Sign for our retail store
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Bank Gothic

Jul 2012

Bantam Tractor Lettering

Anonymous, Some-City, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Restoration of an antique Bantam garden tractor
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Amazone

Jul 2012

Custom Truck Decals

“Great price and was very easy to install, was very easy to design and set up myself ”

Chris, San Juan, Bautista, CA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: My Pull Truck
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Ruach

Jul 2012

Epic Tiny Car Lettering

“The graphics are top notch and the customer service surpasses our initial expectation. We order our graphics and within days it is at our door. ”

Anonymous, Some-City, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Company vehicles, Sailboat, Rowboat
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Arial Rounded

Aug 2012

Vinyl Window Lettering

Anonymous, Some-City, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Retail hours display
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Bank Gothic

Aug 2012

Custom Vinyl Decals

“As you can see, your lettering still looks great after survivng both Michigan road salt and half of a REALLY hot summer. Great product, great service, and pretty darned fair pricing..I'll be back for my next lettering job.”

Doug T, Detroit, MI

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Custom front license plate.
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Buffied

Aug 2012

Custom Vinyl Boat Name Lettering

“I found this website to be super easy to use and great for visualizing the final product prior to ordering. I am very pleased with the result!”

Dennis Wallace, Temecula, CA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: To apply a name to the back of my boat
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Victorian

Aug 2012

Covered Trailer Lettering

“You are my hero. We were out of time and money to put the School's name on the new band trailer. From design to applying was easy. Shipping and customer service was top notch. Not to mention the price was GREAT! Thank you.”

Ohio Band Dad, Columbus, Ohio

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: High School Marching Band Trailer
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Aharoni

Jul 2012

Custom Car Window Lettering

“I am very satisfied with the lettering. It seems to be holding up great, and already has been through some rough East Coast thunderstorms!”

L Town Surf and Earth Company, Lewes, DE

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Car advertisement
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Papyrus

Jul 2012

Custom Vinyl Boat Name

“Great Product, and super easy to install. I hired a local artist to make the sun in the photo, and he was shocked when I told him the cost of the lettering! Thank!”

Tim, Port Angeles, WA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Sail boat name.
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Script MT

Jul 2012

Custom Sign Lettering

“These signs turned out pretty good, I thought. The lettering was easy and made the work so much faster. I could concentrate more on the artwork and didn't have to worry about hand-lettering. I did hand-letter the word "and", but so glad I didn't have to hand-letter everything! Fast turn-around and wonderful customer service. I'll be contacting you again!”

Donna Morse - Crow Creek Pottery and Sign, Corvallis, OR

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: I made a couple of sign for a co-worker's farm business.
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Brush Script

Jul 2012

Custom Helmet Numbers

“Product was exactly as ordered, arrived on time, and was easy to apply.”

Ed Williamson, Jacksonville, Florida

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Numbers on the side of a replica University of Alabama football helmet I made for a friend
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Machine

Jul 2012

Custom Malibox Numbers

“Great Labels, Quick turnaround, really Great price!”

Anonymous, Some-City, USA

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: Mailbox numbering
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Blacklight

Jul 2012